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Minuteman Plumbing: Port Charlotte's Premier Plumbing Company

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Our plumbing company takes pride in serving homeowners in the Port Charlotte area, and we guarantee that your plumber will provide you with thorough and effective plumbing services, including garbage disposal repairs and replacements and water heater repairs and replacements. Minuteman Plumbing has over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry and is licensed in the state of Florida.

As your local Port Charlotte plumbing company, Minuteman Plumbing guarantees that you'll be completely satisfied with the scheduled and emergency services that we offer. If you decide to hire an experienced plumber from our plumbing company, you'll be able to work with a skilled professional equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to solve complex plumbing problems.

Repair or Install Your Garbage Disposal with Our Help

Garbage disposals grind up food scraps that flow down drains when homeowners turn on their kitchen faucets. They're mounted beneath sink drains and have electric motors. They also contain grinding chambers where blades break down the food scraps and impellers that push the waste down the drains.

If you want our plumbing company to install a new garbage disposal in your Port Charlotte home, you can choose from two common garbage disposal types. Continuous-feed garbage disposals activate when switched on as the water runs, and batch-feed garbage disposals activate when stoppers are turned on after the garbage disposals are loaded with waste.

Schedule Your Water Heater Repair Today

Common electric water heater problems include extremely hot water, rusty or dirty hot water, strange smells, foul odors, a lack of hot water, leaking at the bottom of the water heater, a long heating time, and low water pressure. If you experience any complications with your Port Charlotte home's water heater and don't know how to solve them, give the qualified team at Minuteman Plumbing a call to schedule a water heater repair with an experienced plumber.

Water Heater Replacement Signs

If you and your family are like most homeowners, you rely on your hot water heater for a great deal of the comfort and convenience you enjoy from your home on a daily basis. From cooking, to cleaning, and even bathing, you expect a lot from […]

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Why To Get Tankless Water Heater

To tank or not to tank: That's a question that many homeowners find themselves asking when it comes time to replace their old water heater. If you're on the fence about investing in a tankless water heater for your Sarasota home, you might simply not understand […]

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Very knowledgeable and personable!

- John M | Port Charlotte, FL |

If you are looking for an emergency plumber in the Sarasota area, please call 941-445-1719 or complete our online request form.