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Emergency Water Heater Replacement in Sarasota County, FL

Emergency water heater replacement sarasota county fl

Ryan Walsh responded to Colleen's water heater emergency. Colleen's water heater was leaking from her second story, and she knew she needed it fixed fast. After contacting Minuteman Plumbing, their plumber Ryan was able to arrive and assess the situation quickly. He ended up installing a new water heater, a new pan to catch any leaking if that should ever occur in the future, and a sturdy emergency shut-off.

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Emergency Water Heater Replacement Gallery

Products Used: State Water Heater
Client Review: Ryan came and installed a new hot water heater the day they received my request. He was incredibly polite, smiled and very professional. Explained everything I asked. I took a picture of him with my new water heater but I don’t see how to upload. I highly recommend them.
- Colleen M.

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